The Resurrection Angel


Why do some of the best angels have to be in cemeteries? I used to go there sometimes to leave flowers, I would even leave some in empty vases and wonder what their lives were like, I hated to see the little baby grave near my great grandparents’ headstone. But this is a good reminder of what Jesus, the resurrection and the life. Amd not just when you die, but after being born again, what a good a perfect gift from the Father.

This is the Resurrection Angel in a Brooklyn cemetery, she stands as the marker over a single name, Valentine. The words “Ego Sum Resurrectio Et Vita” are inscribed in the granite base, and translated from Latin as “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” How appropriate.

And how appropriate for a believer, to separated from death to life, that happens when you are born again, in the spiritual aspect anyway, and it was wonderful God wanted us to live forever in a sinless world, that was the plan. Then we could have enjoyed these marvelous statues in less sorrowful places.

I always wanted to tour Oakland cemetery in Atlanta and never did, I used to think of them in a peaceful way, perhaps, I felt God’s rest in the breeze that always passed over me when went, but my own health and close enough encounter with that experience gave me an aversion to them. I don’t need reminders of death, but of life and Jesus is our resurrection and life, not only when passing into glory, but as His glory is passing to us. He should get glory from our lives, not just a sacred, solemn moment at the end.

The angel was sculpted by the Italian born artist Adolpho Appoloni and the base of the angel also identifies that it was made at “G. Nisini Fuse” which is deemed as one of Italy’s finest 19th century bronze foundries.
She is glorious, the detail to the wings and robe are stunning. Such works should be in museums and parks, not just cemeteries. The Resurrection Angel is a tribute to the talents given by God and it makes we wonder what is going on in heaven as artists are preparing mansions or rooms for believers, in our Father’s House. Even the view from the back is wonderful as she lifts her arms in praise.
We all need a resurrection angel, if just to lift our spirits and remind us who is the resurrection and the life, but then we should already know that is our Lord Jesus. Rebecca Jones
Adolphpo Appoloni, 1855-1923, one of his better known sculptures is Winged Victory on the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome.

Heavenly Trio

I found these paintings and are they ever gorgeous, I could have used them but I hit add media suddenly had an angelic trio. These angels are powerful guardians and ministering spirits sent to be the heirs of salvation.

One has a lantern to light the way, the other bowl of some sort, perhaps for prayers or incense, and the other a vessel. So let’s just take a verse for each angel and let God charge them as He will according to Psalm 91. We all need His angels to move in our lives every day.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

An angel, one of seven, pours from his bowl and sores break out on those who have taken the mark of the beast. Revelation 16:2

But the Lord said to him, Go your way: for he is a chosen vessel to me, to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings…..Acts 9:15

God is telling Annaias about the conversion of Saul to Paul. Isn’t it great how angels are woven throughout the Bible. They are there whether seen or unseen, in bodily form or from His glory, and whether or not they are seen, they can appear in dreams or visions.

They are always being charged by God to be of assistance to His saints.

Unemployed Angels?

These angels look sad for some reason, angels are not like people though, they are not given to emotion but to the obedience of God, Though the rejoice over sinners being saved and praise and worship, if they were to act on impulse, they would intervene on their own, and they cannot.

The Lord charges them and gives the, assignments. they follow His will and obey His Word, else they would be fallen too. God still gives people a free will. And your will is part of your soul, anlong with the mind and emotions.

The actual definition of angel is messenger. Do they deliver messages of course they do, look at Mary and Joseph as an example. Do they do that today? Yes, they still worf on the behalf of believers today, so ask God to send them to help you.

I always pray they will help find missing people or pets, protect children, do spiritual warfare or believers. And keep aways storms both spiritual and literal. It is good to plead the blood of Jesus over your home and family and angels to be on guard in His name.

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them. Psalm 34:7

And now your servant says, ‘May the word of my lord the king secure my inheritance, for my lord the king is like an angel of God in discerning good and evil. May the LORD your God be with you. 2:Samuel 14:17

Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14

I do like the second verse because we need the Holy Spirit to give us discernment, because even though there are more angels to protect us, there are still demonic and deceptive spirits, so be careful what you read and study about angels and as the Holy Spirit for help.

And remember, angels are not emotional and cannot act on their own but at God’s command and in answer to our prayers. They have no reason to be sad. Perhaps these just have no assignment. Are these angels out of work, God needs to hear prayers and he will charge them. Let’s let angels work for us as believers. And not stand with folded wings.

Don’t Neglect Salvation


Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, He, Himself likewise partook of the same things, that through death He might destroy the one who has the power of death, that is, the devil, and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to lifelong slavery. For surely it is not angels that He helps, but He helps the offspring of Abraham. Therefore He had to be made like His brothers in every respect, so that He might become a merciful and faithful High Priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. For because He, Himself, has suffered when tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.  Hebrews 2:14-18, link at the bottom.

What a beautiful chapter about Jesus. Angels fell because of disobedience and were not restored. But now we see angels working alongside the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. And the beauty of the chapter explains how Jesus who was higher than any angel allowed Himself to be subjected to the very same trials and temptations that we all face.

He did this so that He could be a compassionate High Priest as He is now, watching over us and answering prayers.  Because the children were flesh and blood, He tasted death, to free them from it. Death makes you a slave, it causes fear and grief. When a believer goes to heaven there still may be some fear but Jesus will be there to greet you. The devil was the one with the power of death, Jesus has and will destroy it forever.

But more than that, His return is ever closer and many will never die but see Him come. We were never meant to die, but God could not allow people to live forever in a fallen state or a fallen world. Jesus took back that authority and gave it to believers Through Jesus many have been saved but still not to live forever on earth, but this generation could very well step right into eternity, should they not neglect so great a salvation.

If you ever think He doesn’t understand you think again. He knows what it is like to tempted, tormented and tortured in every way, yet He did not sin. Even under accusations and arguments, with people wanting to kill Him, and being crucified, He was innocent so He could die for us.

And this painting is from the 17th century, a French art school. I have seen lots of paintings of Jesus being ministered to, but never one like this. he has a table and angels serving Him. That would have been something after the agony of Gethsemane. The lobster looking thing on the plate has to be a fish, lobster was out for Jews with the food laws. But thankfully, those are out with the new covenant, whatever you bless is clean, not that you should eat just anything though.

He didn’t come to help the angels, He came to help us. And I just love those verses where it is doubled, He Himself did it. For me!



Red Sea Angel


I don’t know about you but I don’t usually think of angels in the story of the Red Sea, but they are literally all through the Bible aren’t they?

Then the angel of God who was going before the host of Israel moved and went behind them, and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them, coming between the host of Egypt and the host of Israel. And there was the cloud and the darkness. And it lit up the night without one coming near the other all night. Exodus 14:18,19

Of course we know how Moses was set adrift in a basket, raised by the Pharaoh’s daughter, murdered an Egyptian taskmaster, got put out into the desert, wandered to the tent of Jesse?  married Zipporah saw a burning bush, well.

Chosen as the deliverer, he had to go before Pharaoh in order to free the slaves but it took several tries and plagues before they left, healed and with lots of plunder, but soon they were trapped between army and the Red Sea.

Now the Lord told Moses to part the sea and the angel moved between them and the army as he stretched out his hand over it. And the same on the other side to close it over the army.

I was a little curious about the angel, that was the cloud or mist by day, and fire by night. Perhaps, it was the Angel of the Lord again, Jesus. He is our manna from heaven and later the Israelites would eat manna.

How often we can complain to God, but we have everything we need in Jesus, it is all about Him and He is even revealed throughout the Old Testament as well if you care to delve into study.  Is He our Red Sea angel?It’s worth thinking about.


Warrior Angels


There are wars going on in the heavenlies. There have been since the beginning. When the devil was cast out of heaven, a third of the angels followed, how many, I don’t think anyone knows, I’m not sure God would even tell them.

God was trying to speak to men again, and they were evil, so He spared Noah’s family and the population grew again. The enemy made sure there was idolatry, but Abraham heard Him and left Ur. From his seed, more people. God has seen a lot of people.

It was never a chess match. I used to feel like that, I would move and the enemy would counter or there was worse problem but we must never feel that way. God is for us, He has more angels, why believe the lies of the devil who has played these same tricks on people for millennia?

I want you to change your thinking and realize how God is working for us, and how many angels there are. It is not positive thinking or the so called cure for stinking thinking, it is just true. Only a third fell, so we have twice as many for us and if God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31, certainly not fallen angels, they don’t have a chance with warriors angels charged and they are.

Suppose a dozen people get shot in a rampage, what about the seventy that didn’t? A tornado rips through the midwest and kills fifty, what about the thousand that didn’t. Four school children commit suicide because of bullies, what about the hundreds who do not?

9/11 was horrific, over three thousand killed but it was not all of Manhattan or New York, or Pennsylvania.  The same with wars, so many millions over the years and still the more who survived. Even in the Bible, of the twelve tribes, only Dan appears gone, though some are lost, but not to God.

Let’s remember to be still and let God be God, He knows what He is doing. As for those lost or killed or who died, there are reasons known only to Him. And who can say what words to comfort the mother of a little girl left in a daycare van? God can. He rescued her when others could or did not.

And how many times did the Holy Spirit or angels say to someone, ” Count the children or check the van. ” Distraction and destruction are like evil twin playmates, but goodness and mercy follow the believers. And while they may be pretty angels, they are ready for battle.

Head of an Angel

Just a few months after completing his visionary Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh created Half Figure of an Angel (after Rembrandt) Religious subjects were rare in his career.  Theo van Gogh had recently sent a copy of an etching based on the Rembrandt’s portrayal of the Archangel Raphael to his brother Vincent, who was   being treated at the mental asylum of St. Remy in southern France. the artist was plagued by bouts of mental affliction.

Vincent was moved by Theo’s gift, as though adorning his interpretation of the gentle Raphael in heavenly blue colors. It captures the imagination and uplifts souls in despair. Yet, the painting is missing.  Did Vincent send it to Theo, as he usually did? He was known to have entrusted him with most of his canvases and drawings.

Perhaps one day we will know what happened to it, whether left behind after he was discharged from the hospital, lost  in his personal studio that was an adjoining cell there?  Or did he give it to a member of the staff for safekeeping. Is it in a private collection or a closet  somewhere, even a thrift store?

I really didn’t know the story of Vincent van Gogh very well until I started studying art again. I heard about him cutting off an ear, but even that story I don’t know about, did he send to a girl or just cut it with a razor or cut it during a confrontation with Paul Gauguin, and there’s the suicide. For years people believed he shot himself but recently other evidence has been uncovered. It is believed he died after being bullied by a teenaged boy in his neighborhood.

Sadly, Van Gogh’s mental worries were not his only troubles and he died too young, he became very successful as a tormented and creative genius but his story did not start that way, he was an art dealer and even a Protestant missionary. But later turned to alcohol and fell into depression, the enemy does go after creative people but greater is He who is in us.

Hopefully, a talented artist found mercy with the Creator. And now can paint in peace. He supposedly disagreed with suicide calling immoral, but stated not to accuse anyone, he shot himself. It does take the Lord to figure out the truth.

Beholding The Face Of The Father

While this pretty lady is not an angel, her dress and cape and expression are perfect for this post. Let’s look at our verse.

See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:10

You really have to go back and read the whole chapter. Some people just read this verse and simply apply it to children. And while it is true. There are some instances where children are not so humble, they grow up so fast in today’s world that they are teenaged at five or seven.

They are trying to tell the parent what to do. And that brings division into families. I do despise bad behavior in anyone including me. I never want to be what I hate. That said it is not wrong to hate or despise bad behavior, but not the child, so children need love and discipline.

Jesus called a humble child to Himself, as He explained divorce, He was sitting in Peter’s house. Here people are wondering who will be the greatest in heaven? I just wanted to go. I have seen a lot of arrogant Christians, believers in Christ who keep that sincere and repentant heart and walk in His love have a childlike innocence.

Yet, many of us myself are not always wise as serpents and get trampled instead of trampling. But we are to be harmless like the dove. It is like a mixed metaphor or ironic in a way. He wants us to grow up in grace, but stay childlike.

We have the perfect example in Jesus, He did what His Father said. And so should we. Like children we should obey our parents in the Lord. But everyone will not always be in the Lord, so we need Holy Spirit discernment as our angels behold His face, they are messengers who can get through to us what is His will and good pleasure.

So this verse is not just for children and  we should be aware that as believers even grown ups and those who a call of some kind, that offenses will come and we have to deal with them but when you despise someone so deeply that you find them utterly worthless, if you are cruel of judgement, you’d be better off with a millstone necklace.

Our angels are always looking at His face.  photo…/ Alisa Ali Nari


Mighty Angel


I’m not sure who this angel represents but he is one I want on my side. Have you ever found yourself in spiritual warfare and not had a clear understanding why? Many of us think there are chinks in our armor and that could be true.

But many times the Holy Spirit will help you discern, and sometimes, He calms the child as the storm rages and a battle ensure in the heavenlies. Be sure God is our side as believers and it is just possible you may not need to know what is going on or even how to get through it, but know He has already overcome it.

I have spoken these things to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world. John 16:33

Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Now judgment is upon this world; now the prince of this world will be cast out. John 12:31

The enemy was defeated at the cross and is being put out everyday, from you life or mine or someone’s, sure he may roam and prowl but we are not going to be devoured if we remain in His Word, in faith, taking a stand. And one day soon , he’ll be gone forever, into the lake of fire.

So when you feel the darkness closing in, not the night that God made and called good, for He is there, but the darkness that would harm your soul, remember, this verse and the angels like this one who are before you and cheer up.

What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

If we can walk in love, learn to forgive, and rest in Him, we are surely going to please Him.


The Expulsion

Although angels were created before the fall, and I have no way of telling how long that was, they were involved in heavenly duties and perhaps even carried out the orders of creation in some instances. The accuser, Lucifer, the fallen angel we know as the devil entered the garden and tempted Eve. She was deceived. Adam sinned willingly whether out of fear or just pride.

Before we blast Eve, it could have been any of us, after all she was perfect. God had to give people a free will and they exercised that freedom, only to lose all of it. They allowed fear in, to rule instead of love. We hear a lot about pride, there is both sinful and a better kind of pride.

While pride brought down a fallen angel, who ranked very high, and a perfect couple, God was proud of His beloved Son who gave His life for the redemption of mankind, should they believe, and remain in His love, they would not fall into the carnal or fleshly ways that brought Eden into disarray.

Jesus is referred to as the second Adam in the New Testament, He humbled Himself, was obedient to death and took the place of and punishment of the many who would believe and receive salvation. His will and even the fear He felt as a human being, obeyed the Father, whose love gave Him for us. That is why we have a choice. Remember , the devil tempted Jesus, he was adversary and accuser, though his temptation leaves out the phrase beloved, why remind Him He’s the Son of God, just like us, he makes us second guess salvation, motives, and even others.

It is about nothing we have done, no matter how much good, or charity work or money donated, or even how many times you read the Bible or attended church. Pride assumes a knowledge higher that God and there is none higher, because when He made an oath about the Eucharist, there was no higher one to swear by, He had to make the oath to Himself. And God is not a man who can lie.

He had the strength and love  of a man and the love and compassion of a woman, it was not good for Adam to be alone, so He created Eve. I can barely imagine being full grown all at once. I know people don’t believe in creation, it’s their choice. He gives everyone a free will.

But He wanted a perfect world where people would choose to love Him as freely as He did them. He will not interfere until He is asked in the name of His Son, Jesus. And then all of heaven can move on our behalf if necessary.

As for that fallen one the Hebrew refers to him as Ha’Satan, the adversary, and he opposes God but is in no way as powerful, as God is the Father of believers, he is the fathers of liars, come to steal , kill and destroy. John 10:10, as opposed to our dear Lord who wanted us to enjoy life and life more abundantly.

Jesus acted as the Angel of the Lord, how sad if He was the angel with the flaming sword that expelled them after having walked with them in the garden. And remember, Eve was deceived by twisted words, Adam ate willingly and began to blame her. Men still do that do women, and women still have trouble being led by husbands who are not loving them like Christ.

God authors peace, The accuser, confusion. You need the Holy Spirit to help discern the lies, but have to be a believer, and sincerely desire to know that heaven is your destination, He will rid you of the enemy’s deceit sown into your mind and flesh, and help you walk in the Spirit.

He is not condemning, He gives a choice, He offers grace and forgiveness, His peace and I know there are so many discussion going on and they are heated on both sides. I’m on God’s side, it is easy to see right and wrong, but to understand how a spiritual enemy could deceive anyone. Please make sure you choose to open minded enough to seek the truth, Jesus is the truth, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. For when you still have a chance to hear His voice, don’t harden your heart, it is a sad thing to never hear it again, and that is hell. It was created for the devil not people, don’t be deceived like Eve or apathetic like Adam. Jesus will not come to die again.