Fairest Angel

Fairest angel,

With golden hair and wing.

Do you guard?

Do you sing?

Fairest angel,

With golden wing and hair,

Are you in heaven?

What are you doing there?

Watching over me?

Listening to prayer?

I thank my Lord,

For fair angels,

Golden and pure.

I know they are watching me, for sure.


White Seraph


Here is a lovely example of a seraph, the hand is obviously Christ and it is a detail from a painting I have not yet identified. It could also be an altarpiece. I hope to locate it, I would love to see the whole painting.

Either  way, it is beautiful and I will include the other side,  their are angel at both hands, even if looks like a reversal, it isn’t.



A seraph, the plural being seraphim. is an angel with six wings, two can cover the face, and two to fly and two at the feet. Seraphim are also called the burning ones, and they are above the throne of God and cry, holy, holy, holy.

I think this is a beautiful representation of a seraph, I especially like the multi-colored wings. They will a be a sight to behold in heaven won’t they, as well as all the myriads of angels, for they are innumerable. And there are more for us than against us.

Have a blessed day as we believe angels are watching.




Angels And Enemies


I just read a great e-mail from Pastor Rod Parsley, and I will try to remember it because I thought I had notes to copy and paste and uh oh, oops, I don’t. Anyway it was about how the enemy works against us.

Angels will be there for us and the enemy tries but he’s not match for God, as long as we stay close.

And he will try to get you to regress, to go backward, back into  your old ways and with old friends who will lead you astray.

Oppression is another way to keep your spirit mired down and crushed.

Obsession is when your focus is on a want or a person above God.

Depression, the feelings of sadness and despair, hopelessness. Jesus is our hope.

Possession, he will never be able to possess the soul of a child of the King but can draw you off into temptations and sin.

There may have been a couple of more but I will have them if recall them, but thank God He is also all about restoration. So don’t fall into the traps of distraction and destruction, angels are against the enemy.

Alex Y/ pexels


Peter’s Release


We have already had one painting of Peter’s release from prison by an angel, and to follow my post on his bitter tears, I came across another one, and it is just as impressive. So we we will recap the story.

Peter’s has been in prison and on the night before the trial, he is awakened by an angel and his chains fall off, after being prodded by a staff. It appears he is uncertain if it is a dream.

There is a sermon in, that isn’t there? God sent and angel and a staff to break chains. So Peter followed the angel through a gate that opened by itself and about about a block. He goes to Mary’s house, not Jesus’ mother and Rhoda is excited, the people inside think she is crazy.

She had not even bothered to let him and he keeps knocking while Rhoda insists it is him, they had been there praying but must not have expected him to be released, finally, they say it is his angel, did they think his angel looked like him?

Those are usually called dopplegangers, and I think they would be on the wrong side of the spiritual world, however God could use an angel that way I suppose but that would take discernment, it would be an easy way to deceive those who are unchurched and even some that are. Exactly why we need the Holy Spirit to discern and teach. 

They finally let him in and he tells them to warn the disciples and say he is free, and then leaves, they search the next day and do not find him.  We talked about angels role in promoting the gospel, this is a good example of that, had been not been released he could not have preached.

Of course, God didn’t need angel to do that, He could have just spoken it. Still, He created them to minister to the heirs of salvation, only that has been written yet. This is Acts and that is Hebrews.

Angels In Gethsemane

As we study angels and tears this week, we are once again looking at Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He shed tears and His sweat became as great drops of blood and He broke curses, if people could only believe that.

As Christians, we need to start believing and understand just how much He took for us. Not only sin but sickness and disease, shame, lack , so many more benefits and blessings and He will restore us.

May I pray for you today that you understand that Jesus gave His life, He shed tears, He still prays for us  and does not want our faith to fail. I pray His peace in Jesus name.

Zuri Angel


What a sweet musical cherub with rose colored wings and a lyre. It look as though he is sitting in front to a city and perhaps that i the ocean in the back ground as well.

This is a painting by Frerico Zuri, and it does capture your imagination as to what the pensive little angel is doing there. he appears to have something on his mind, was he sent as a ministering spirit, waiting for his charge to come up the road?

Rebecca Jones

Heads of Angels

Using a child as model is not unusual, and even for a cherub. This painting is by Sir Joshua Reynolds. It is in the Tate Museum. It was painted in 1786-7. It shows the head of a five year old Lady Frances Gordon from five angels, making her appear to be five different angels,

It was actually painted as four then five, so there were two sittings. In different years. The mother outlived the daughter by ten years and donated the picture in 1841, to the National Gallery, It was copied over as many  as 314 times for an ivory prayer book cover. There were many reproductions, titled The Cherub Choir, and even carvings into memorials.

Recently, the picture was used on a First Day Cover to promote the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s ‘Year of the Child’. The most unusual is the use of the image in on badges awarded to student midwives at St. Mary’s Hospital, Manchester.

Iti s also said that reynolds, who had no children, and was somewhat deaf paid little attention when his miniature models complained of  getting tired.

Frances passed away in 1831 at only 49, I have yet to learn what happened to her. Thought this is public domain I am leaving the Tate’s link as asked regarding a CCO license.



Angelic Rest Prayer


May the angels of God guide you to His angelic and peaceful rest, away from all the chaos and confusion that burden our souls. May He grant you His peace that he left you as a gift, unlike the world’s peace, it is sacred, holy and precious. John 14:27

You can trust Him and rely on Him and rest in His favor and grace, knowing He keeps His promises and that no weapon of the enemy will prosper or even come near you as He begins to deliver you seven ways. Job 5:19

You can rest because His peace and presence are near. His Spirit resides in every believer, and His heart is close to your broken heart. He restores souls and mend hearts and calms us the with balm of His Spirit and the beauty of His words.

If you are in a hard place today and need His rest, I pray He charges angels to send to you and that you sleep in angelic rest and repose with no fear.

He loves with an everlasting love, and we should rest in that gift of peace, what the enemy would destroy, destroys him instead. I pray you all rest, and sleep the sleep of the beloved. Psalm 127:2