Not a card but some of the trumpets that may sound or ring in the New Year, like the shofars of Rosh Hashanah. May God bless and keep us, deliver us from evil and prosper our soul in the year 2020. And may we walk worthy of Him and soon walk before Him in white.

I pray we know healing and peace. May we experience His joy like never before. Jesus was the reason for the Christmas season, and why we can face tomorrow, as our risen Lord. His peace is our gift. John 14:27. may we all have deeper faith and constant hope fixed on His love.

Rebecca Jones

A New Year

What a great angel and she has a palm leaf representing peace. That is a wonderful change from some of the cards I am seeing about luck, and angels with posts of gold and horseshoes, and shamrocks or clovers and a sort of leprechaun influence that is not really Christ.

He is the Prince of Peace and the Bible declares Him as our peace. His peace is a gift left to believers in John 14:27 and the palm frond or even a dove would be appropriate with an angel. It is not about luck, it is about love.

Rebecca Jones

French Card

I was able to lighten this French card and remove some numbers, but the French greeting is still wish you a Happy New Year. I thought these little cherubs were just so cute, too cute to pass up as  we to continue with our cards to round out 2019. The card probably is at least a hundred if not more years old.

I do wish we could see them as they were then, a little clearer but they are a great reminder of how we have always celebrated love and holidays and it is good to know others loved to see angels just like we do.

Rebecca Jones

New Year Cuties


I wonder what they are whispering about, these lovely little cherubs with notes and an almost Valentine look? But pin and even light blue are very much Victorian colors, I found a lot of ornaments for the Christmas tree, along with the scarlets, and purples, reds and gold.

This would be a cute card to sent to a sister, or daughter, even a friend. It would be a special way to say Happy New Year 2020. And it may very well be over a hundred years old. Some things are just timeless and priceless.

Rebecca Jones


Ring In The New


Are you ready to ring in a New Year, and 2020 at that. I thought I would round out the year with some angel postcards, and then decide on how to best use the blog in the New Year.

Have a safe an enjoyable rest of the holiday season, and leave a comment if you like. Happy New Year!

Rebecca Jones

A Holy Happy Christmas

That is lovely sentiment, this card is being used on items for sale. What a lot of people have failed to realize is the holiness of Christmas. Imagine, God turning His back on His only Son, having watch HIm grow from a baby and allowing Him to take all that abuse and torture to save unworthy and unthankful people.

But the thoughts of the ones who would believe kept Him going and He endured until He had won the victory for us, so as we begin to celebrate on Christmas Eve, let us always remember the holiness of the sacrifice the Lord made for us and the He is our greatest and most precious gift as believers.

Let me wish you a holy and happy Christmas in Jesus name.

Rebecca Jones

Angel Delivery

This is one of my favorite Christmas cards a lovely little cherub with blonde hair and curls carrying toys in her gown. She appears to be placing them under the Christmas tree that is behind  rich red and probably velvet curtains with golden cords and tassels,

The phrase Frohliche Weihnacten is at the bottom. It is translated Merry Christmas in German.  But it is a truly beautiful example of the artistry of post cards and Victorian Christmas scenes.

Rebecca Jones

Angel Trio

I lightened this old card a little, I suppose that is Greek, I don’t know lot even doing word studies. This is a lovely trio of angels one kneeling in front of the others, all with hands clasped in prayer of praise, celebrating Christmas. What  Ido know about Greek is not to get upset over Xmas, many people still do.

It was often written that way to fit in store windows and people who did not know were offended but it is not taking Christ out of Christmas at all, the Greek letter chi or perhaps kai in pronunciation is the first let of Christos. You just can’t take Christ out of Christmas or Christ’s Mass, can you.

No amount of commercialism or oppression will ever move Him out of the celebration of His birth in the hearts of believers. I pray you have a blessed Christmas.

Rebecca Jones