Warrior Angels


There are wars going on in the heavenlies. There have been since the beginning. When the devil was cast out of heaven, a third of the angels followed, how many, I don’t think anyone knows, I’m not sure God would even tell them.

God was trying to speak to men again, and they were evil, so He spared Noah’s family and the population grew again. The enemy made sure there was idolatry, but Abraham heard Him and left Ur. From his seed, more people. God has seen a lot of people.

It was never a chess match. I used to feel like that, I would move and the enemy would counter or there was worse problem but we must never feel that way. God is for us, He has more angels, why believe the lies of the devil who has played these same tricks on people for millennia?

I want you to change your thinking and realize how God is working for us, and how many angels there are. It is not positive thinking or the so called cure for stinking thinking, it is just true. Only a third fell, so we have twice as many for us and if God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31, certainly not fallen angels, they don’t have a chance with warriors angels charged and they are.

Suppose a dozen people get shot in a rampage, what about the seventy that didn’t? A tornado rips through the midwest and kills fifty, what about the thousand that didn’t. Four school children commit suicide because of bullies, what about the hundreds who do not?

9/11 was horrific, over three thousand killed but it was not all of Manhattan or New York, or Pennsylvania.  The same with wars, so many millions over the years and still the more who survived. Even in the Bible, of the twelve tribes, only Dan appears gone, though some are lost, but not to God.

Let’s remember to be still and let God be God, He knows what He is doing. As for those lost or killed or who died, there are reasons known only to Him. And who can say what words to comfort the mother of a little girl left in a daycare van? God can. He rescued her when others could or did not.

And how many times did the Holy Spirit or angels say to someone, ” Count the children or check the van. ” Distraction and destruction are like evil twin playmates, but goodness and mercy follow the believers. And while they may be pretty angels, they are ready for battle.

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