The Feast Day of Michael

“St. Michael Triumphant” by Dosso Dossi, ca. 1562. St. Michael’s victory over the dragon in Revelation 12:7-9 is closely tied to Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 27. Although he was kicked out of heaven in to our atmosphere, he will again be defeated and thrown into the lake of fire, soon after the Great Tribulation.

I have to say I rather enjoyed looking at all the paintings, sculptures and art of St Michael crushing him as the Lord’s archangel. I was reading about the feast of the archangel Michael and thought we might find it interesting as Christians, Catholic of not. We should have one goal to see people saved and that enemy defeated so we can be forever with our Lord.

Michaelmas, the feast day is observed on September 29-30. It was tradition to have goose for dinner. Also tradition  has it as when expelled Lucifer from heaven and the fell in a blackberry bush, so that is the last pie of the season as the devil made them unfit, but that could be merely speculation or folklore, from the British Isles to Ireland.

Workers often had to find new employment, as to being hired in the fields. There was also cake, nuts and daisies are the flower of choice. Children are encouraged to face their on fears or dragons with faith, a strong will as opposed to being strong willed and opposition all.

There is a red mass held to bless lawyers and judges and because. St. Michael is the patron saint of police men and women, there is also a blue mass. It also come with the equinox, which I find interesting, like the last quarter of the year, perhaps even a final harvest. We could be that close. Though it was the church’s idea to lure away pagans and there are many celebrations and different religions at this time, I don’t think the Lord minds us knowing a little history. And although I don’t tend to think of angels as saints, I appreciate that they are there to do battle.

And I’m sure he won’t mind a good dinner, a blessing, prayers for those in authority and who are protecting us, nor that we are mindful of the harvest and the work of His holy angels, and that Michael is at the head of the spiritual battle and will return with Him for His church, before the Great Tribulation.

Rebecca Jones