Another Maiden

Another maiden and lots of cherubs, some the painter must have really felt the presence of angels or believe that women were muses. Very pretty, and great for Valentine’s Day.

We love Him because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Rebecca Jones

For You

Though this more likely another cupid we are calling them cherubs for our study. God offers His love to everyone and not just at Valentine’s. This is a beautiful card and with a golden colored dress and being offered flowers it is a sweet representation of God’s love.

Be devoted to one another with love. Romans 12:10

Rebecca Jones

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is one of many vintage angel Valentines. There are many more on Pinterest and in the public domain so they can be printed. Though some are in need of work or adjustments in printing. I lightened this one but it still cute and representative of the sentiment of the day.

If you love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15

Rebecca Jones

Ironing Angels

Let all you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 15:14

Sometimes, that means even the chores we have to do daily. While we may not love them we do love the people we do them for. And we get tired they can help out.

And I have to add that we are to sharpen one another that is what iron does.

Rebecca Jones


Although this Victorian lady is seated in a garden with a cupide statue, angels, no doubt, work to bring love into our lives. Romantic love included. It is a good idea to let God help you choose.

While St. Valentine was imprisoned and martyred, he showed a jailer’s daughter the love of Jesus, I read that she had her sight restored and he had signed his letter to her, your Valentine. Which is why we give cards. The Romans had young people just draw names and get married.

God’s ways are always better. Heis love. 1 John 4:8.

Rebecca Jones