Beholding The Face Of The Father

While this pretty lady is not an angel, her dress and cape and expression are perfect for this post. Let’s look at our verse.

See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:10

You really have to go back and read the whole chapter. Some people just read this verse and simply apply it to children. And while it is true. There are some instances where children are not so humble, they grow up so fast in today’s world that they are teenaged at five or seven.

They are trying to tell the parent what to do. And that brings division into families. I do despise bad behavior in anyone including me. I never want to be what I hate. That said it is not wrong to hate or despise bad behavior, but not the child, so children need love and discipline.

Jesus called a humble child to Himself, as He explained divorce, He was sitting in Peter’s house. Here people are wondering who will be the greatest in heaven? I just wanted to go. I have seen a lot of arrogant Christians, believers in Christ who keep that sincere and repentant heart and walk in His love have a childlike innocence.

Yet, many of us myself are not always wise as serpents and get trampled instead of trampling. But we are to be harmless like the dove. It is like a mixed metaphor or ironic in a way. He wants us to grow up in grace, but stay childlike.

We have the perfect example in Jesus, He did what His Father said. And so should we. Like children we should obey our parents in the Lord. But everyone will not always be in the Lord, so we need Holy Spirit discernment as our angels behold His face, they are messengers who can get through to us what is His will and good pleasure.

So this verse is not just for children and  we should be aware that as believers even grown ups and those who a call of some kind, that offenses will come and we have to deal with them but when you despise someone so deeply that you find them utterly worthless, if you are cruel of judgement, you’d be better off with a millstone necklace.

Our angels are always looking at His face.  photo…/ Alisa Ali Nari


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