The Expulsion

Although angels were created before the fall, and I have no way of telling how long that was, they were involved in heavenly duties and perhaps even carried out the orders of creation in some instances. The accuser, Lucifer, the fallen angel we know as the devil entered the garden and tempted Eve. She was deceived. Adam sinned willingly whether out of fear or just pride.

Before we blast Eve, it could have been any of us, after all she was perfect. God had to give people a free will and they exercised that freedom, only to lose all of it. They allowed fear in, to rule instead of love. We hear a lot about pride, there is both sinful and a better kind of pride.

While pride brought down a fallen angel, who ranked very high, and a perfect couple, God was proud of His beloved Son who gave His life for the redemption of mankind, should they believe, and remain in His love, they would not fall into the carnal or fleshly ways that brought Eden into disarray.

Jesus is referred to as the second Adam in the New Testament, He humbled Himself, was obedient to death and took the place of and punishment of the many who would believe and receive salvation. His will and even the fear He felt as a human being, obeyed the Father, whose love gave Him for us. That is why we have a choice. Remember , the devil tempted Jesus, he was adversary and accuser, though his temptation leaves out the phrase beloved, why remind Him He’s the Son of God, just like us, he makes us second guess salvation, motives, and even others.

It is about nothing we have done, no matter how much good, or charity work or money donated, or even how many times you read the Bible or attended church. Pride assumes a knowledge higher that God and there is none higher, because when He made an oath about the Eucharist, there was no higher one to swear by, He had to make the oath to Himself. And God is not a man who can lie.

He had the strength and love  of a man and the love and compassion of a woman, it was not good for Adam to be alone, so He created Eve. I can barely imagine being full grown all at once. I know people don’t believe in creation, it’s their choice. He gives everyone a free will.

But He wanted a perfect world where people would choose to love Him as freely as He did them. He will not interfere until He is asked in the name of His Son, Jesus. And then all of heaven can move on our behalf if necessary.

As for that fallen one the Hebrew refers to him as Ha’Satan, the adversary, and he opposes God but is in no way as powerful, as God is the Father of believers, he is the fathers of liars, come to steal , kill and destroy. John 10:10, as opposed to our dear Lord who wanted us to enjoy life and life more abundantly.

Jesus acted as the Angel of the Lord, how sad if He was the angel with the flaming sword that expelled them after having walked with them in the garden. And remember, Eve was deceived by twisted words, Adam ate willingly and began to blame her. Men still do that do women, and women still have trouble being led by husbands who are not loving them like Christ.

God authors peace, The accuser, confusion. You need the Holy Spirit to help discern the lies, but have to be a believer, and sincerely desire to know that heaven is your destination, He will rid you of the enemy’s deceit sown into your mind and flesh, and help you walk in the Spirit.

He is not condemning, He gives a choice, He offers grace and forgiveness, His peace and I know there are so many discussion going on and they are heated on both sides. I’m on God’s side, it is easy to see right and wrong, but to understand how a spiritual enemy could deceive anyone. Please make sure you choose to open minded enough to seek the truth, Jesus is the truth, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. For when you still have a chance to hear His voice, don’t harden your heart, it is a sad thing to never hear it again, and that is hell. It was created for the devil not people, don’t be deceived like Eve or apathetic like Adam. Jesus will not come to die again.


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