The Resurrection Angel


Why do some of the best angels have to be in cemeteries? I used to go there sometimes to leave flowers, I would even leave some in empty vases and wonder what their lives were like, I hated to see the little baby grave near my great grandparents’ headstone. But this is a good reminder of what Jesus, the resurrection and the life. Amd not just when you die, but after being born again, what a good a perfect gift from the Father.

This is the Resurrection Angel in a Brooklyn cemetery, she stands as the marker over a single name, Valentine. The words “Ego Sum Resurrectio Et Vita” are inscribed in the granite base, and translated from Latin as “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” How appropriate.

And how appropriate for a believer, to separated from death to life, that happens when you are born again, in the spiritual aspect anyway, and it was wonderful God wanted us to live forever in a sinless world, that was the plan. Then we could have enjoyed these marvelous statues in less sorrowful places.

I always wanted to tour Oakland cemetery in Atlanta and never did, I used to think of them in a peaceful way, perhaps, I felt God’s rest in the breeze that always passed over me when went, but my own health and close enough encounter with that experience gave me an aversion to them. I don’t need reminders of death, but of life and Jesus is our resurrection and life, not only when passing into glory, but as His glory is passing to us. He should get glory from our lives, not just a sacred, solemn moment at the end.

The angel was sculpted by the Italian born artist Adolpho Appoloni and the base of the angel also identifies that it was made at “G. Nisini Fuse” which is deemed as one of Italy’s finest 19th century bronze foundries.
She is glorious, the detail to the wings and robe are stunning. Such works should be in museums and parks, not just cemeteries. The Resurrection Angel is a tribute to the talents given by God and it makes we wonder what is going on in heaven as artists are preparing mansions or rooms for believers, in our Father’s House. Even the view from the back is wonderful as she lifts her arms in praise.
We all need a resurrection angel, if just to lift our spirits and remind us who is the resurrection and the life, but then we should already know that is our Lord Jesus. Rebecca Jones
Adolphpo Appoloni, 1855-1923, one of his better known sculptures is Winged Victory on the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome.

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