Going Home

Today’s Christmas card is a vintage image of Mary and Joseph on their way home from Bethlehem, she has Jesus in her arms and an angel is watching over them keeping them safe. We know from the Word, that they returned but Joseph was warned in a dream to flee with them to Egypt, because Herod wanted to kill the Messiah.

Jesus was visited by wise men and shepherds, sometime from birth until perhaps close to two years of age because that is what order stated the murder of baby boys up to two years old. Jesus would later return after another dream that Herod had died. We are not sure of what happened until He was twelve, and returned and was lost and found teaching the sages.

Rebecca Jones


Another lovely nativity scene for our Christmas card of the day. Aren’t the robes stunning and bright colors. Two lovely angels watch over the Holy Family, and interestly Joseph’s staff has budded like Aaron’s rod which is the Ark of the Covenant, Jesus is our Ark. The Ten Commandments and manna from heaven are also there.

Jesus is our Bread from Heaven and of life, he taught us to pray each day for our daily bread. We have as much of Him as we need each day. But He fulfilled the Ten Commandments, and gave us a new one, to love God and one another like He loves. Poor Uzzah touched the Ark and died. We can touch Jesus and live.

The miracle and symbol of Aaron’s rod is in Numbers 17:8, it was laid aside and dry but brought forth fruit, almonds, a symbol of the permanent Levitical priesthood, and we know from Hebrews Jesus is now our High Priest forever.

Rebecca Jones

A Merry Christmas

This lovely angel has found some new friends as she has shown up like so many others with three new dolls. Like so many angels we have found from, the Victorian Era, she is a gift giver at Christmas. I often wonder what kind of duties angels have, I have even written some poetry, but never one about bringing presents at Christmas.

I’m sure they do in many ways. God has a lot of angels and He can charge them with anything He wants them to do, I know He is charging them with assignments right now, bringing children in need and the ones who already blessed and all of us a joyous and very Merry Christmas.

Rebecca Jones

Merry Christmas Angel

This is a lovely mother and daughter and above them the Merry Christmas angel. If anyone recognizes the flags, leave a comment. I do believe the translation to be Good Yule or Merry Christmas. I t make you wonder if it is Christmas even and she is saying goodnight, waitin to see what Christmas brings.

This card is very old. I was able to clean up the angel wing which had been either stamped or written on or perhaps, just worn. The signature is visible but not legible. It is so much of a reward to save these old treasures, and to enjoy them a hundred or more years later.

A sweet angel watches over them and sure they are blessed, from whatever era or country, may angels surround us this year with His peace and joy.

Rebecca Jones


What a wonderful winter scene and a quartet of lovely angels against a dark blue starry sky. The sleeveless angels are not given to cold weather as they rehearse for the choir, they might even sing, “……walking in a winter wonderland, it could be a scene from anywhere in the world.

Rebecca Jones


Isn’t she lovely? A beautiful angel singing above a home or little church, perhaps. It is not so easy to make it out. A dark wintry background, just sets her off as she sing a Christmas song for those who are arriving. They are not even aware of her presence but she sing praises to the Lord.

It could even be a manger scene, it does appear that some have either been seated of kneeling, so it probably is a church. I wonder what the choir is singing. It may be the same carol.

Rebecca Jones

Merry Christmas

What a lovely German postcard, probably from 1900 or so, look at the short pants, it could be even earlier. He is delighted to see an angel bringing him a toy horse, and a drum, also a military helmet. Look at the point.

God Jule is pronounced with that gutteral sound not like we say God, it is rather, good yule or Merry Christmas. The bottom phrase is illegible, if I am wrong about the language please let me know.

Rebecca Jones.

Church Bell Angel


What a lovely church bell angel. It reminded me of the verse in the Bible that says today is the day of salvation. It truly is and what better way to hear His voice that proclaims healing and deliverance, as melodic as any church bell. He is our only hope of salvation and as I tell people, He saves us continually from something even if you are a believer.

Today when you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts as Israel did when they rebelled. Hebrews 3:15

I pray you hear His voice and receive Him as Lord, and if you are a believe I pray He calls your name and that you know how much you are loved and ask Him for the gift of His presence.

Rebecca Jones

The Christmas Girl


I really love this one, her hands folded in prayer, what a lovely little Christmas Girl and an angel. He gown is a gorgeous color too, a coral or peach. I was amazed to find so many beautiful cards, I am so glad that they were saved for posterity. Someone probably saved them in a box somewhere.

It would have so nice to have received one back then. And it is so nice we have a way to share them and preserve them now. I hope you are enjoying them, there are more on my Pinterest boards.

Rebecca Jones

A Slice of Heaven

Isn’t she a slice right out of heaven? Lovely red hair and fair skin, crowned with a wreath. She too, as many of our other featured angels is holding on to toys for children at Christmas. It appears she may be dropping them whether on purpose down a chimney, or through a window, even a donation box, or just that she will have to reach down and catch them in her wing, perhaps.

This is another lovely example or the artistry of the Victorian Era or even a bit later. I had to crop it a little because the corners had been rounded off, she would be  lovely on a Christmas card or even as print, taking off the Merry Christmas, she would fit well into a nursery or playroom. Children and adults need to be reminded that angels are all around  and not just at Christmas, but a promise to believers in Christ.

Rebecca Jones