The Archangel Michael who accompanies the Lord on His return, who is above or over Israel, who put the devil out without railin on him, and who will prevail over him before he gets put in the lake of fire.

Michael is one of only four angels named in the Bible, the only one called an archangel but Gabriel could be and even the devil many have been before falling from the third heaven into our atmosphere, the other angel is Abbadon, or Apollyon, the one with the key to the bottomless pit.

It is interesting that Jesus took the keys to death, hell and the grave but not the bottomless pit. Could that be where the lake of fire is. I don’t know. I am only  glad that we serve a risen Lord and will not face that end, so if you do not know Jesus, please ask Him into your heart as Lord.

There are many more good angels than bad, and there is a powerful one named Michael, and he defends God’s chosen people and directs and assists other angels.




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