Pilate’s Wife

DORÉ Gustave 1832-1883 FRANÇOIS Alphonse 1814-1888 dream of Pilate’s wife 1879

What a great image of an angel comforting Pilate’s wife, likely Procula Claudia, a title. although the Bible doesn’t specify that, either the name or the angel, The name is tradition. “Le Rêve de la femme de Pilate” (“The dream of Pilate’s wife”). Engraving by Alphonse François (1814-1888) after Gustave Doré, an earlier painter, it is amazing, isn’t it?

Of course, we remember this lady the crucifixion story. She was so troubled by a dream that she has a message sent to her husband, Pilate, who is ruling over Jesus’ trial. She tells him of her troubling dream.

Of course, Pilate will wash his hands of it, being familiar with Jewish customs. Still people will debate who killed Jesus, the Romans or Jews, the truth is we all did, because we are just born with a sinful nature after the fall, and also no one, since He willingly gave His life.

No one could have taken Him without His consent, even after Gethsemane, the power of God knocks over those sent to get Him, He can  still heal an ear and get Peter off the hook. Let’s look at the dream in the word.

While Pilate was still seated on the bench, his wife sent him a message, ‘Have nothing to do with that righteous man. I suffered much in a dream today because of him.’” Matthew 27:19

One verse, that says it all. It doesn’t actually tell what the dream is about. Claudia’s story has been told as a play and in story form. People will naturally, use their own interpretation.

Whether or not she was tempted to stop the crucifixion, or knew He was the Son of God, and didn’t want her husband to take part in it isn’t clear, but God doesn’t do anything without a reason.

We know that even some high ranking officials thought He was innocent, many did become followers. Notice she uses the word righteous, righteousness is what He gave us by taking on the cross.

Galatians 3:13, say, you are cursed to hang from a tree. And Jesus took our curses to give us blessings. Our unrighteousness, to give us His righteousness, and access to His Father, see why it is so important as a believer to understand righteousness and not condemnation,

Still the Spirit will bring conviction and you must believe. To prove His love, He was crucified, when the Jewish punishment was stoning. And even before, beaten and scourged, when it should have been one or the other. His trial was held at night, that never happened before. They broke a lot of rules to crucify Him, and He in return broke curses.

Just as He touched and healed what was forbidden to, breaking their rules but in reality fulfilling them, and He still does. He is the resurrection and life. The I AM. Such powerful love, He could have let an angel warn or comfort her.

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