Detail from Vision of St. Paschal Baylon, 1767. Don’t you enjoy the details of a particular image in a painting. This is a striking angels. St. Paschal was born at Pentecost, in 1540, in Spain, hence his name for Passover. he was a shepherd and spent many hours in prayer in church and the field.

He joined the Franciscans and was a doorkeeper. On a trip to Frances he was beaten by a Protestant minister in an argument and later died on May 17,1592. In His coffin, when the sacrament host and chalice was lifted, it is said that people saw his eyes open and close. I guess that would have been a sign. Jesus is our resurrection and life to be sure.

He had indeed defended the Eucharist and even gave his life, Holy Communion is sacred and need not be argued over. I have seen and heard of a lot of miraculous healing by taking daily Communion, but you must rightly divide the body and blood, because some do sleep who did not.

You must proclaim His death until He comes. He alone make us worthy of it. We need not fear it if our hearts is in right standing. This is a vision he is reported to have had and hangs in the Museo Del Prado, by Italian artist, Giambattista Tiepolo. The smaller picture is not as clear, bit has the same title, although it appears different to me.

His peace, Rebecca Jones

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