The Guardian

This painting listed by Tyranov, is a good one. The weeping mother and a on with some malady, he or she, although I think it is a man, since the angel is larger, is there to comfort her and protect them. What is interesting too, is the wicked angel at the right.

When angels come in on our behalf the devils flee. The will flee from Jesus, from angels who are with His Spirit, and from believers who call on Him. plead His blood and use His name. The demons trembled before Christ, though they also mocked and taunted Him. They had to go.

Remember what Jesus said about them they roam and find no rest and go back with seven worse than before. That is why He wants us to rest in Him, the enemy and his minions have no peace, but we have His peace as believers. John 14:27

And the ” house ” or person, either body or mind, they have left, if it is not born again and staying the Word,  walking in love, renewing in the Spirit, they will return. Now, there are illnesses and mental afflictions that may not necessarily be demonic, but many are. Especially, drug and alcohol abuse.

This is not meant to cause fear, but as we submit to God , the devil will flee. It is much better to be filled with the Spirit and renewed tat to fall back into old ways, but angels are there to help. Believers fo have the authority to put them out in His name, but you may recall the men who tried casting out devils and could not and were beaten up. And even the disciples could not.

While Jesus attributes to their unbelief in that instance and also mentions prayer and fasting, which makes a person stronger spiritually along with prayer in the Spirit, He also expects us to use wisdom and discernment and the Holy Spirit gives gifts as He wills.

So it is the Lord who heals and casts out the devil even through believers, you cannot defeat him in your own strength, just know Jesus is there for you and He sends us angels, and in His name we ask for healing and deliverance and walk in His love and peace, keep us from evil.



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