Peter’s Release


We have already had one painting of Peter’s release from prison by an angel, and to follow my post on his bitter tears, I came across another one, and it is just as impressive. So we we will recap the story.

Peter’s has been in prison and on the night before the trial, he is awakened by an angel and his chains fall off, after being prodded by a staff. It appears he is uncertain if it is a dream.

There is a sermon in, that isn’t there? God sent and angel and a staff to break chains. So Peter followed the angel through a gate that opened by itself and about about a block. He goes to Mary’s house, not Jesus’ mother and Rhoda is excited, the people inside think she is crazy.

She had not even bothered to let him and he keeps knocking while Rhoda insists it is him, they had been there praying but must not have expected him to be released, finally, they say it is his angel, did they think his angel looked like him?

Those are usually called dopplegangers, and I think they would be on the wrong side of the spiritual world, however God could use an angel that way I suppose but that would take discernment, it would be an easy way to deceive those who are unchurched and even some that are. Exactly why we need the Holy Spirit to discern and teach. 

They finally let him in and he tells them to warn the disciples and say he is free, and then leaves, they search the next day and do not find him.  We talked about angels role in promoting the gospel, this is a good example of that, had been not been released he could not have preached.

Of course, God didn’t need angel to do that, He could have just spoken it. Still, He created them to minister to the heirs of salvation, only that has been written yet. This is Acts and that is Hebrews.

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