Angels And Enemies


I just read a great e-mail from Pastor Rod Parsley, and I will try to remember it because I thought I had notes to copy and paste and uh oh, oops, I don’t. Anyway it was about how the enemy works against us.

Angels will be there for us and the enemy tries but he’s not match for God, as long as we stay close.

And he will try to get you to regress, to go backward, back into  your old ways and with old friends who will lead you astray.

Oppression is another way to keep your spirit mired down and crushed.

Obsession is when your focus is on a want or a person above God.

Depression, the feelings of sadness and despair, hopelessness. Jesus is our hope.

Possession, he will never be able to possess the soul of a child of the King but can draw you off into temptations and sin.

There may have been a couple of more but I will have them if recall them, but thank God He is also all about restoration. So don’t fall into the traps of distraction and destruction, angels are against the enemy.

Alex Y/ pexels


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