Angels On Assignment


There have been so many things going on again that I was impressed of the Lord to step up the teaching on angels. A few weeks ago, there was a suicide in a school, in a small town. It was the fourth in two years. Compare that to cities.

I have found myself writing about suicide more and more. It is a terrible spirit related to hopelessness, and some believers have been caught in its web as well, including a pastor. Even strong people of faith, have to guard against the enemy’s ruse, that it will never get better. Like children at school, the devil is a bully and a liar, he’s constantly throwing darts.

Parents, children, believers and we should pray for those who are not, to have the love of Jesus shown to them, we can all have angelic intervention. Angelic protection is a promise to Christians. My interest in angels drew a few arguments. Why didn’t they save this person or that?

I told the someone who asked this that perhaps no one was  praying for the child, of course the child had fallen from a hotel room window a number of stories. So, it is possible that a parent or guardian was distracted, or the window left open or any number of contributing factors. Angels caught the soul, even as the body fell. they do not just automatically intervene or they would rescue everyone, they follow the Word.

Much like those on 9/11 said a prayer, made the genuflection and leapt rather than burn, angels caught them, no matter what the news footage shows. Children are inundated with information more so now than ever and parents should be paying attention.

My best answer to children as to why people do these things, murder, crash planes, is that they don’t know Jesus. I was always careful as to what children saw  when I was caring for them.

One of the things we did was to take a map or some sort of paper with a picture of the school, and Christian parents were urged to take a drive around the school and pray. We drew red circles to cover it with the blood of Jesus, and asked that angels be assigned there, guardians, warriors, commanding ones. I pray for teachers too.

And churches are no exception, we have seen the synagogue shooting and the many churches and if you are in another country or know of missionaries somewhere you can do that for them. Whether on paper, which is good or a verbal agreement with two or three, He is there. At one church a security guard was able to stop a shooter.

Angels respond to God’s commands, and our prayers, He is listening. And everytime you start to worry remember that prayer and His promise. I have seen children under attack for years, I have some wonderful stories of intervention as well.  Plead that blood and know angels are there. Thank Him for protection. Fear is a terrible thing, and if you can’t trust children to God who can you trust? Prayers should be said over them, bless them. Teach them, and love them.

Angels are on assignment, they can go in Jesus name. Let’s not hinder them with doubt, or have them standing there with folded wings as we face danger alone.

detail Carl Bloch

Rebecca Jones

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