The Angel With A Pearl


Lovely angel with a pearl,

Do you guard such a gate,

Or are you just a guardian,

To this girl.

Your beauty and grace are evident,

Though we can’t see your face.

Are your hiding, secretly watching,

From a silent place?

Or are just hovering over?

Waiting to appear?

Standing or sitting, with open wings,

You see so many things.

Or are you, perhaps, in flight.

Guarding me, both day and night.

I will know you, when I see you appear,

A lovely pearl earring in your ear.

Rebecca Jones, from the Allegory of Fame

An Allegory of Fame and an Allegory of Virtue, detail, by Elisabetta Sirani , 1638-1665. Wasn’t she super talented? Beginning her career at 17, she even taught women to paint, these two paintings are 1657. Here is a link to an interesting but short life, The paintings were at Sothebys.


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