A Summer of Angels


Every summer it is a  theme from someone of something, A Summer of….reading, movies under the stars, of love. There are endless themes but I was inspired to step up with some extra posts on angels, so here we are, A Summer of Angels.

A majority of people will say they believe in angels. Whether they really do or not, they may just say so. But believers have to know so. It is so imperative in this day and time to know they are at work for us, just like God is.

How often are we rescued by unseen hands, or are spared from some disaster? We may never know, would God even bother to tell us when we get to heaven? Possibly so, for you see, one day we will judge our guardian angels. Did you know that?

Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life! 1 Corinthians 6:3 The passage is in reference to the judicial system, lawsuits , testimony, and how the church is to appoint leaders, the same way the natural world works. Now, if we can judge earthly things as believers, we can also judge heavenly ones.

And judging righteously is according to His Word, not being judgemental, hypocritical or self righteous. Many people really get into offense and heated debates but it is in there, and personally, my angels get a glowing report, for I do know some times that had it not been for His love and protection I would not have been here to write this. And I’m smart enough to know I don’t know everything or every time that an angel has stepped in. The brakes that worked, or the gas heater that wasn’t lit properly, the appointment that was postponed. You get the idea.

How will you judge your angels, do you even know about that verse? Do you even pray for God to charge them, send them to work for you. It is a matter of time before He separates the wheat from the tares, true believers from sinners or those who dabble in different beliefs and practice nothing. We are in perilous times, the Bible says, but protected times, God says as angels move on our behalf.

God is our righteous judge. We will have to bow before our Maker. The Lamb of God will open the Book of Life. But before that, the Rapture or catching away, just as the tribulation is shortened for the elect’s sake, I believe our time on earth is. Many will be deceived then and face eternal death. Many are now, but as believers we do not want to be deceived but know Jesus as Lord.

Part of that wisdom is to know His Word, He will make it beautiful in His time, and we can thank Him for that and the gift of His beloved Son. And we have angels to thank and tell them what great work they did for us. Praying you have a blessed and safe summer, and find a few minutes to visit.

And we can have some summer fun reading and learning about them, how to pray, what they do, and some lighter notes as well, as we enjoy a summer of angels.

Rebecca Jones

This lovely picture was cropped from a ragged Holy Card.

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