Ruby Angel


I thought a nice ruby winged angel would go along well with our study of Proverbs. Of course chapter 31 describes the woman of noble character or a virtuous woman as far above rubies, and rubies are also mentioned in Proverbs 3 :13-15 as to wisdom.

Now here is wisdom, Revelation says that about the AntiChrist, and his number, many of these lovely angels are often included in card readings, it is wisdom to avoid them. And with numbers also a copy of Biblical teaching and Hebrew numerical values. Nimrod corrupted the teaching of astronomy with that of astrology. This is supposed to be the archangel Uriel and he is not mentioned in the Bible, yet there are innumerable angels aren’t there?

I do not advocate prayers to angels, even though you can ask God for protection and I do believe they obey the voice of God if believes are speaking His Word. For God has already commanded them, in Psalm 91, and He does as we need help.

Uriel, is mentioned in rabbinic tradition as being a guardian at the garden of Eden and other tasks but I do not believe he is the angel Jacob wrestled or announced Samson’s birth, There are clues to that being Jesus as He appeared as the Angel of the Lord at time in Old Testament. Remember, Jesus was there in the beginning.

As angel worship became popular, Uriel was dropped from some teaching by the Catholic church. But he was mentioned in poetry and paintings and this is a stained glass. I love learning about the work of angels, I know they have been there for me because of God’s protection.

I know also that the enemy attempts to copy God though he has far fewer angels. So his work is limited to the same old lies and deceit. I do not want you tricked, so I would advise staying away from anything that has to do with occult practice. That is wisdom, it will make you a ruby.

Don’t even be fooled about him holding a BIble, I have even heard of a lady being given communion, she spent years in a mental institute before believing and now working for a major ministry. There are false teachings out there, I pray the Holy Spirit’s guidance for us all. He will give you the gift of discernment, and God will guard you heart and mind.

Although I believe in healing and prophetic gifts, speaking in tongues, People can prophesy over you, but you must receive. There is way too much deception, never try to use the Bible with spells or curses, we want to be under God’s blessings.

I started not to post this one but I believe people should know God has better plans and better paths. May He bless you with wisdom.

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