Powerful Guardian

This guardian is a powerful protector of these children. This is a Catholic prayer card. No wonder we were taught to pray, ” Deliver us from evil. ”  The devil is a very real adversary. And serpents are representative of him and the are very real even in the spirit realm, you can pray and be delivered from them, and Jesus promised in Luke 10:17, that nothing would in any way harm you. Good News says He gives us safe passage through them. Most people have a fear of snakes, so we avoid them.

Unfortunately, as a believer we are a target, and need our Lord and angels to protect us. By His Spirit, He will walk us through. Fear, or caution is one thing. Fear to excess is a lie of the devil. I prayed last week for a toddler bitten by a baby rattler, It turns out they are more dangerous, they inject all their venom at once. He had 28 vials of anti venom, and thankfully did not lose his hand, arm or life.

Many people operating in spiritual gifts may see them in the spirit, but they can be bound, cast out, even in dreams and visions. Many times the snake will represent a lie, but ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of discernment as to trying spirits, for they can also be constrictors and even python or divination.

Psalm 91 also promises we will tread over them. That is why we need Jesus, salvation, and His promise of angelic protection and divine intervention. Rebecca Jones

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