Another lovely nativity scene for our Christmas card of the day. Aren’t the robes stunning and bright colors. Two lovely angels watch over the Holy Family, and interestly Joseph’s staff has budded like Aaron’s rod which is the Ark of the Covenant, Jesus is our Ark. The Ten Commandments and manna from heaven are also there.

Jesus is our Bread from Heaven and of life, he taught us to pray each day for our daily bread. We have as much of Him as we need each day. But He fulfilled the Ten Commandments, and gave us a new one, to love God and one another like He loves. Poor Uzzah touched the Ark and died. We can touch Jesus and live.

The miracle and symbol of Aaron’s rod is in Numbers 17:8, it was laid aside and dry but brought forth fruit, almonds, a symbol of the permanent Levitical priesthood, and we know from Hebrews Jesus is now our High Priest forever.

Rebecca Jones

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