Gentle Answer

A gentle answer turns away wrath. Proverbs 15:1

How often do we need to choose an gente or soft answer to combat wrath or anger. We don’t have to fight fire with fire but with the Spirit. We don’t even have to fight at all with victory in Jesus, we just have to stand. We are told in Exodus 14:14 just let God while we are being still.

That is reiterated in Psalm 46:10. Why can’t we be still? Why can’t we know God? Jesus was a master at being calm. Even in all the accusations and cruelty against Him, He opened not His mouth. We don’t have to back answer as we say in the south, have the last word, or be rude and childish even petty.

Grumbling and complaining is hard work, I’d rather have His peace, even if I stay clear of those who don’t get it an just want to stir up strife, envy, every evil work.

The Bible teaches us a lot out how we speak and especially the Proverbs, they are beneficial, and it is never to early learn them or too late. All ages will benefit from God’s wisdom.

The angel and the dove are good representations of God’s love. We’ll never really know how gentle He is until we get to heaven and probably be disappoint that we didn’t always listen to Him or accept that soon, but He will wipe all tears.

The Lord is a gentleman, He will not force love on you. But wouldn’t we want gentleness and all the other qualities of a loving Father, in our husbands and families?

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