Touch Me Not

Touch Me Not Houston Fine Arts Museum

” Touch me not. ” They were the words of Christ who had just risen from the dead early in the morning and did not want Mary Magdalene to touch Him for He had not ascended to the Father yet.

Noli me tangere (“touch me not”) is the Latin version of  John 20:17, by Jesus to Mary Magdalene when she finally recognized him after His resurrection. The Biblical scene has been captured by several artists  from Late Antiquity to the present. The original Koine Greek phrase,  Μή μου ἅπτου (mē mou haptou), may better represent the translation as “cease holding on to me” or “stop clinging to me. ” But I think He meant He could not be touched before going to the Father. Here is the whole painting, it hangs in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.


Marcantonio Franceschini

Please read the whole story, here is a link.


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