Angel Heart


Angels probably don’t have hearts like our as spiritual beings but we have spiritual hearts. God created them to be servants and to do His bidding and has commanded them to be in charge of us .

Psalm 103:20 explains how they hearken to His words, while we are children of God and not just servants or slaves, we have works He has appointed for us though we are saved by grace and not works.

He wants to in effect have an angel heart. So let’s purpose this week to be busy with some of the good works he would have us do. To be kinder, gentler and more patient. You could make a list.

Let start with a few of these.

Let’s think more before we speak.

Encourage someone.

Pray for someone, personally.

Phone an old friend.

Write a letter.

Buy someone lunch.

Read some angel verses aloud.

Recognize that angels are near.

Purpose to let His love have room in your heart, it is a place the enemy would love to move in on or oppress. But God is love and He wants us to have a heart like His orĀ  even a figurative, ” angel heart. ”


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