Holy Silence?


Recently, I wrote about Zechariah and the contradiction of Mary’s faith to his and now I am having to backtrack a little. We have to wonder if what appears to be a punishment is actually a gift?

While Mary, a maiden believed, a priest in the temple had trouble believing. So I am apologizing for my oversight. God really did reach out to him, and allowed him to be mute and not argue with the angel.

It was a sort of vow of silence. I always wondered about those. I like to talk myself, so I know it often hard not to, and if it is for me, it probably is for you and surely a priest would be no different.

It is such a temptation to doubt and question, when you don’t see immediate results, but we can learn a lot  from this story, ans even be a little less critical. It is the difference between saved and going to heaven faith, and Abrahamic faith.

The takeaway is a lesson on silence and rest. He should have rested in God’s promise and rested as Mary did. Let’s get into the rest of Hebrews 4, and if we need to, have a bit of holy silence.

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov


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