Prince of Peace


What a lovely portrayal of Mary and Jesus as a young child. Did He have angelic playmates, maybe so. I really could not say, but as He grew I am sure He grew more and more aware of spiritual as opposed to earthly ideas.

I think it is cute that He is surrounded by not only cherubic and childlike angels but also doves, nd one day as a man He would have the dove descend on Him bodily and hear God say He was His beloved Son and how please He was with Him.

Prince of Peace was one of the name given Him and prophesied by Isaiah, and this is a peaceful scene in His youth. He would often seek His Father for peace, and chose to give His life for us so he might leave us His peace.

Peace unlike the world, carefree as this scene, without troubled hearts and minds and no living in fear. That is truly a gift from the beloved son of God and the Prince of Peace.

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