Jacob’s Angel

We already read about His ladder of angels and now we find Jacob wrestling an angel. This particular angel again I believe to be Jesus, as the angel of the Lord. He appears many times in the Old Testament. Putting the hand under the thigh is an oath from that day.

His limp could also be symbolic of depending on God for His walk. Jacob lived in a time before the law, there was still grace, which is why the patriarchs could lie, even deceive each other, have multiple wives, and still be forgiven sin when they asked, they built altars and made sacrifices and though what they did was against God’s plan, He forgave them.

Then came the law, but when Jesus came, He was the only one who could fulfill it. Grace and truth and the new commandment of love and gospel of peace was put in place, yet so many fail to receive it. The story is in Genesis 32, Jacob is afraid of His brother Esau.

He divides out gifts, sends his family away and is likely pouring out his fears to God, when the angel comes and they wrestle, Jacob will not let go without a blessing and his name is changed to Israel. He also asked the angel’s name and he did not give one, which is why I believe it is Jesus, just as He later appeared to Manoah’s wife and Sarah before.

The fact that He could not overtake Jacob, well, as God, He could have but He did want to bless Jacob. While we wrestle not against flesh but principalities, powers, rulers, are we too contending with Christ? We should not have to because He is our peace.

This was long before He came to die for us, so I would say we need to let His peace rule our hearts and minds as believers. Phillipians 4:7 It is the Lord’s will to heal, bless and protect, it is all a part of our salvation, we should not be contending with Jesus but yielded to His Spirit.

And we have angels working for us. signature_1

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