Peter’s Angel

This is another painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Liberation of St. Peter, the story is told in Acts 12, an imprisoned Peter is visited in the night by an angel before he is to go to trial. A startled and half asleep Peter thinks it is a dream or vision but is hit on the side by a staff and told to put on a cloak after his chains fall off.

The iron gate outside opens of its on accord and the angel walks a block with him and is gone. Peter goes to Mary’s house, ( not Jesus’ mother ) and the maid Rhoda, doesn’t let him in at first. The people who have gathered there to pray for him think she is crazy, and tell her it is his angel.

Rhoda keeps insisting that he is there and as he knocks they go outside and see him at the gate, he gives them a message for the other disciples and disappears into the night, avoiding a massive search for him the next morning.

This definitely a protective angel, and the gospel was still preached, and I’m sure there were also ministering spirits to help him. especially, after being sifted.




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