Carriage Angel


This is a beautiful print of a guardian angel watching over a sleeping baby in a carriage or pram. The red and blue is striking but the serpent isn’t. These lithographs and postcards were popular in the Victorian Era, there was a lot of interest in spiritualism in the1800’s but really not any different to history. People have always been interested in the supernatural, the main idea being that it God and the Holy Spirit leading you and not falling into deceptive practices. Prayer is the opposite of casting spells, and we can’t force God’s love on people they have a free will.

Angels have been a popular art form for centuries, the times though and pop culture have affected the perception of good and evil, it is not uncommon to hear it reversed as the Bible states in these times. We, as believers, should expect angel assistance and protection and ask God for it. And be especially thankful for it.

Whether, or not some believe there is a God, a heaven or hell, there definitely is spiritual warfare, and a lot of it is aimed at children. Believes should be treading over the enemy in Jesus name. And it takes angels to protect us from what we can’t always see. Rebecca Jones


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