Angel’s Moon


Angels have many tasks to perform,

Do they hang out the stars each night,

And shine them bright?

And warm the frosty morn?

I used to wonder what all angels do,

Beside warfare and guarding too.

They must move aside clouds,

Breathe away the storm.

And tuck feet beneath the blankets,

To keep them warm.

They sing to flowers that open.

And reach for the sky.

With leaves that wave like palms,

Lifting them so high.

They tell each blade of grass to grow,

And whisper secrets, we should know.

And dance upon the moonlight,

Late at night, while babies sleep.

A dimple under their noses,

Heaven’s secrets to keep.

So, be still, keep the peace and quiet,

While the angel’s moon is bright,

And our guardian angels,

Wing their way to heaven,

Reporting to the Father,

That everything is alright.


Jewish tradition holds that an angel teaches babies all of the wisdom in the world while they are in utero. The Angel lightly taps an infant’s upper lip before birth, to silence the infant from telling all the secrets. Though there is no basis for it, I love the story and I once heard a woman tell of her five years old asking her baby sister about heaven, saying she was forgetting. The tradition is that each blade does have an angel.

There are several examples, but as an old movie fan, I have to mention, in Key Largo (1948), Frank McCloud (Humphrey Bogart) tells a fairy tale to a child, saying that, before birth, the soul knows all the secrets of heaven, but at birth an angel presses a fingertip just above one’s lip, which seals us to silence. As opposed to the line from the Maltese Falcon, he tells the murderous Mary Astor character about the women’s prison, and in his inimitable way, says ” You’re going over, angel. “


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