Pure Angel


Angel of God,

Pure as His Word, and we have heard

Words of gold, tried in the fire.

How beautiful, lovely and pristine.

A heart’s desire.

For one should desire that purity and grace.

To carry them through whatever they face.

Even if the way is hard, through darkness,

And heavy is the load in the day or night.

He that is pure love, walks beside us.

His yoke is easy and His burden light.

How pure then a love to exchange His life for me.

And I want to live life purely as can be.

And I need never worry or fear.

Because Jesus is always so very near,

He is the pure love I hold so very dear.

And a pure angel guards me here.

My life has had it share of sorrows,

But heaven will be all my tomorrows.

And I want life and love,

To be as pure as can be.

And I know it is,

Because Love gave His life for me.

Rebecca Jones




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