Angel At My Window

Angel at my window,

At the break of light.

You see my day, throughout,

Dawn to dusk, into the night.

You see me wake,

And while I sleep.

You are charged,

My soul to keep.

You are there for it all,

And though I have dashed a foot and fell,

You must have caught me,

For it could have been worse, as well.

You, like Jesus, held my heart,

When I cried,

And grieved over sorrows,

With eyes teary, weary and wide,

I held fast to faith, for tomorrows.

You hold me in place,

And I am calmed by His amazing grace.

Are you perhaps, a muse to me,

So God can use me?

For there in hope out my window,

The day is bright, I hold His light,

And at night out my window,

There is hope,

I see the stars and moon, and marvel,

At His love for me,

And that He is coming soon.

His love is boundless, endless,

As deep as the sea,

And that deep love,

The Father gave me.

His name is Jesus,

He lives in and holds my heart.

And nothing, separates us,

Or keeps us apart.

Not wicked winds,

Or crashing waves of the sea,

No height or depth, angel or demon,

Separates Him from me.

I know He has an angel,

At my window,

And as I sleep,

Whisper a prayer,

My soul to keep.

And there is hope out my window,

With an angel always there,

And yet, He, my blessed Lord,

Is closer than a prayer.

So I pray,

Ponder and muse.

Create the heart in me Lord,

That you can use.

Rebecca Jones

I apologize if this is copyrighted, I don’t think so, no infringement intended.


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