Angel Dreams


Angel dreams, rest and dream. What a wonderful place to be, the half asleep, half wake, fews moments and remembering your dreams, and sometimes they have angels, whether real ones or just a message God wants to give you. You may need a pen and paper to write it down.

What I don’t like is not remembering, there may be a reason for that. God may just be giving you strength or you just may not need to know. God never works with fear, other than a healthy respect for His power, and sense enough no to challenge Him, He does understands question, just not unbelief, and sometimes He may not tell you everything, for your own good. The enemy will work in the fearful, the nightmares and night terrors, o it is good to know angels are watching and on guard.

Jacob’s dream of angels going up and down an heavenly ladder or stairs is one that comes to mind Joseph was warned to move Jesus and Mary. And remember Job called the angels he saw in the night, watchers. So if you dream, and dream vivid colors, it can be a glimpse of heaven. The colors are so much more intense.

Once I dreamed of going to my mother’s cousin’s house, it was run down, and really, it was. But I opened a door and there was the prettiest grass and little girls playing, and wearing the most beautiful turn of the century dresses, the pins and blues just popped. Did the dream have any meaning? Was it heaven? Perhaps, she had told me many stories about her mother, and I was writing some of them. The time frame fit or a little earlier. It was just a nice dream.

Other times I have seen dreams with storms, they can be real or spiritual, once I got off the freeway on an exit, I could see the number, something happened that same day, Dreams can be spiritual, have warning , pertain to the future, but you must ask the Holy Spirit to discern and help you to. Not everyone who interprets dreams will be accurate or trustworthy, but He is.

Driving dreams often pertain to ministry, the ones I don’t like are when Jesus tells you something and you can’t remember it, or even an angel. But it may be stored away for later, you can always pray for clarity and He will show you, having the gift of a prayer language is helpful, but His love is so perfect, He wants us to rest and not fear, to not have trouble hearts, I know because I have had one.

Dreams are interesting but you don’t have to stress or obsess over them or even tell them, the young Joseph saw his future in his dreams but didn’t understand them. At that time, people were familiar with astronomy, and used it as a kind of calendar, it was Nimrod who corrupted stargazing into astrology. His family thought he was bragging, and maybe he was a little, he was young and the favorite but it got Him into trouble.

It is alright to rest and to dream, and to have a sanctuary, a secret place to meet the Most High God through Jesus, and hear the Spirit. And you may even have some angel dreams, I hope they are good ones, blessings and His peace as you rest and heal, just know He loves you.

( Many of these angels are from wallpaper sites, and make excellent screensavers. )


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