Ascension Angels


Ascension of Jesus into heaven after being raised from the dead? It brings to mind a more white image between to angels who ask why they are gazing and that He will return right?

Well, that might be more accurate but his one is great as He goes back to heaven in a green robed and surrounded by throngs of angels. Just because there are only two or three mentioned doesn’t mean there wasn’t more.

Angels are innumerable, like the stars, grains of sand, and drop of water in the ocean. But when you need as we often do. One is enough. An angel ministered to Jesus we read, but with all he went through it could have been more.

And only one was need to get Peter out of prison. So if you need one or a a thousand and one, He charges them for you and you are safe and need not fear. Just pray for protection in His name.



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