Salgado Angel

This is another powerful guardian angel representation. it is by Antonio de Pereda y Salgado. ( 1611-1678) Angels appear in some of his other works, and he did the painting of  Mary being crowned by angels, the Immaculate Conception.

His was from a family of artists and I am including a biographical link. He has paintings in museums and I do like this one to depict the strength of true guardian angels as in Psalm 103. Notice the demonic figure at the right of the painting, we should be able to with angels like carefree children, oblivious to enemy attack, perhaps, we are not there but we will one day realize, He intended nothing to harm us. Luke 10:17, if one  lovely little Victorian guardian can push back a demon, just think what other more powerful ones can do.

It should be a comforting thought to know they are presents, and guarding us and hedging us in.


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