Angels and Feathers


Have you heard the saying that when feathers appear angels are near? Well, they are. Now that is a common theme in card readings and the like, but I don’t suggest that. Angels are near to a believer in Christ because they are with His Spirit, and because God charged them over us.

Feathers are a good reminder of a verse like Psalm 91:4, He covers us with His feathers, not that God has feathers but the cherubim on the mercy seat do. We have even talked about pennies being a reminder of angels, being dropped to make us smile.

What else reminds you of angels? Besides Christmas and Bible stories, singing, choirs and art, there are figurines, paintings and statuary. Some of that I have already published should you care to scroll back.

There is the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park and the Resurrection Angel in a cemetery in Brooklyn, statuary is found there a lot, and is very beautiful, but also in parks and churches, monasteries and convents. Although they are monuments and are usually thought of in terms of death. Jesus has defeated death, pne with the power over death the devil and so do we. So why not enjoy the angels as the artwork they art?

Some are sold at nurseries along with flowers, and many are birdbaths. There are always little garden cherubs, that I prefer to gnomes or flamingos. So whatever your interest is in angels, whether collecting figurines like me, and I also have plates and dolls, and paintings, though not one like the museum, you might want to consider having that camera phone ready next time you go for a drive.

It just be that some angel unaware will be along and drop a ” feather ” or that you might see some of that spectacular statuary.


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