Angel Flight


1870 by Félix François Barthélemy Genaille (French, 1826–1880)

What a glorious angel in flight. Is she on her way to look into salvation? Angels don’t have to be saved, they have never experienced being born again. Naturally, they were curious as to why the Lord implemented such a plan.

They knew Jesus. Why would He agree to give His life in order to redeem sinners? Fallen angels were not restored, and not the devil. People were created in His image, spirit. So were angels, He is the father of all spirits, whatever their rank.

Fallen angels lost their places. So angels knew better, they must remain obedient. Adam and Eve should have known better but they too had free will. Eve was deceived as many people are, in fact, we often deceive ourselves, sometimes even not believing God’s goodness. Adam was a willing sinner.

Thank God He loved us or would have had no choice. He willingly gave up a throne to come to earth and die in the most cruel way to give us a chance at salvation. No wonder angels are interested and are obeying the commands to watch over us.

God revealed to these prophets that their work was not for their own benefit, but for yours, as they spoke about those things which you have now heard from the messengers who announced the Good News by the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. These are things which even the angels would like to understand. I Peter 1:12

I’m giving you the Good News Version, it explains about the prophets and what the angels want to know but I like the phrases, desire to look into or catch a glimpse of.



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