Take This Cup

Here is another example of the price Jesus paid for us. He drank from the cup and defeated the enemy, so that we could be saved, have healing and angelic protection. He literally willed us an inheritance and left us His peace, John 14:27, as a gift.

He tasted death so the children would not know it’s sting if they turned to Him, and we are living in a day and  time when we could see His return, we may be a generation of believers who are alive a remaining to be caught up with Him, before the Second Coming.

No many how many times we read it or see a movie, we will never know what it was for Him to go through  all that mocking, scourging and being beaten, and they even plucked His beard.

And I know about thorns, just the small ones from my roses, I can only imagine some that were and inch or two and thick.wound tightly on His head. Shoved on by a solder, who would perhaps push Him over to a cross.

The love that help Him there is amazing. And I am so blessed to have the ability to relate His suffer and passion for people to you. If you do not know Jesus as Lord, please thing about today. He is coming soon. May you too, begin to feel His amazing love.

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