A Hedge Of Angels


Isn’t this lovely?  Truthfully, I didn’t know what a diptych was. It is like a folded pair of painted tablets. I like those screens you see painted, most of them, are large and have three panels. But this is so exemplary of being hedged in by angels.

Angels had to protect Jesus, people wanted to kill Him even before He was born, and as a baby, and as He ministered. He had to slip in and out of crowds. There were Judases before there was Judas.

We get that phrase from the book of Job, God lowered that hedge when the devil took notice of the righteous Job. I was taught that Job’s fears caused it to lower, that the devil is fear, and he is, too. But God did not just sick him on Job or use him to torture a righteous soul. He prayed through the whole ordeal and was restored, with double.

We must remember that the book of Job is old, he lived in Joseph’s day. The devil also went after Peter, asked for him too. Jesus tried to warn him, just as God spoke to Job. Truthfully, I avoided Job. Most people are like, poor old Job. No, Job was prosperous. If in fact, if he did live in Joseph’s day, he was probably in a position that was prominent. I can’t say that for sure but Joseph has a man with the same name as one of the friends in his story.

We are not here to debate about the time and trials of Job. The enemy may have went after him because of fear, but it says he considered a righteous man. And he will go after you to prevent God’s plans, why we need the Spirit. We are here to find out about a hedge of protection, that I believe could be angels. You see, Jesus made us righteous by His death on the cross. Galatian 3:13 says he was cursed because of, it he took our place and was innocent or we would never have obtained righteousness.

Listen to the devil’s complaint. Hast not thou made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that he hath on every side? Job 1:10. And this verse. Whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him Ecclesiastes. 10:8 KJV. Even a cut off head of a snake can bite or inject venom up to three days, that’s why they should be buried, Jesus was in the tomb doing just that cut off the enemy and burying him.

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  2 Corinthians 10:4. Our weapons are our prayers, casting down imaginations, the pleading His blood, using His name. He has given us authority, Luke 10:17.

You may hear a lot of criticism from people about televangelists, spiritual gifts and money. But people don’t always know what they are talking about, there is too much dissention among believers. In researching this I found a lot of it. The enemy is the author of confusion. God is the God of peace, and He has the final say, and yes, I believe He prospers us, it is not wrong to give to ministries who help others if you choose to, it is not anyone’s business.

Yes, God built the hedge, not just a row of shrubbery but in Biblical times brambles and thorns, comparable to a barbed wire fence. I hope he falls right into that thicket. And yes we can built it with our prayers over our homes and children. Psalm 91 is good for that.

We must know our enemy, use every weapon, walk in love, forgive, keep our spiritual armor on. Yes, Job was afraid, yes, the devil is fear, the father of lies and a tormentor, he accuses night and day, that’s why we need a hedge of protection.

What is the hedge? Something God shields us with, the blood of Jesus, he can’t cross. It is His words spoken over us and our agreement with His covenant of peace. But is it more than that? It is the power, love and sound mind of His Spirit, and the angels that go with Him. And I like to think that I’m protected by a hedge of roses and thorns. if not angels, fed and nurtured like the baby cardinals. I was amazed how those little feet walked hopped about the bushed stepping lightly over the small thorns and avoiding the larger ones.

And He wore a crown of peace in exchange for a crown of peace. He loves me and I am hedged in by that love, even fear cannot sway me He understands and I overcome that by His blood and my testimony. Jesus encompassed us with love and hedges us in His protection.

Rebecca Jones



































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