Abraham’s Visitors

Rembrandt Abraham 3 angels

I have been researching a lot of art and here is another wonderful painting by Rembrandt, what better story for Father’s Day that the angels visiting Abraham? As we know God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as many as the stars and only He can count them.

For a childless couple, who had left Ur and idol worship, been through Egypt, where Sarah was kidnapped by  the king and where Hagar enters the picture, it must still have appeared impossible to them and we know it’s not for God, we have the benefit of hindsight.

Even though a  change made His name father of many nations, Sarah decided to help God along and let him go to Hagar, not only allowing it, she insisted he father a child with the handmaiden, but that was not His promise. Isaac was the child of promise. And we know that caused problems later on, it is a cautionary tale to be sure.

Even so they are visited as depicted in the painting, by three angels. One of whom is the Angel of Lord, Jesus, Himself. He inquired of Sarah, and she prepares a meal. When she hears Him say that she will have a child when He returns the next year, she laughs. And even though she denies it to Him, He is not angry but says again she did.

Then He asks Abraham, His friend, as He refers to him if He should withhold what is about to happen. So Jesus proceeds to explain that Sodom and Gomorrah is about to be destroyed. And asks about the righteous, He wanted to save more people just like now, it was a time of grace, there was now law yet given.

But wicked people are paying the price everyday, when they have a savior before them and Jesus is still looking for the righteous. We are made righteous because as Galatians 3:13 says, He was cursed because cursed is every man that hangs from a tree. God imputed righteousness to  us and Jesus took our unrighteousness. Nothing was a fair exchange for Jesus, but He was willing to die in order to save souls and to give us access to His Father, as a believer we are crucified with Him, and heirs to salvation.

So as we celebrate Father’s Day, for earthy fathers or to remember them, what about our Heavenly Father, He deserves love and praise, for giving us the gift of eternal life. And if you don’t know Jesus or maybe, your father or sons don’t, it is a good day to get to know Him. He will love you like no one else can, like He kept a promise to Abraham, He keeps His promises and would love to visit you.

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