A Pair of Angels

This pair of angels could be goodness and mercy but one has a book and the other a blooming branch of some kind. So, perhaps they represent Jews and Gentiles being grafted into the covenant. The book could represent the Lamb’s Book of Life and the branch, the rod of Aaron that budded in the Ark of the Covenant.

The colors of their close are close to the colors used in the temple. And of course, Jesus is now our High Priest and it is His blood on the mercy seat of our hearts, as it is in heaven.

The pair could be ministering spirits sent to inspire the Word of God to both Jew and Gentile, we should pray for His angels to be sent wherever they are need and to whomever. regardless of the faith or lack of, God can put angels into place we and situations, we might not even realize, and souls need salvation, and help from the heavenlies is not out of the question, nothing impossible for Him.

Like the angels, we can be the head and feet of Christ and demonstrate our Father’s love toward others, by offering a kind word or sharing the promises of His Word

Rebecca Jones

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