Pennies From Heaven


There is a story and poem about pennies from heaven, that they are dropped by an angel to make you smile or from a loved one. I don’t think they are necessarily dropped like that but nevertheless, the pennies are there and we find them, maybe the sun is shining on them and they are often found a coppery, small reminder, of little things.

I have also heard that God winks. He lists that as flattery, but if He does, it is not the untrusted and hush, hush, bribery. It is more of ” nice going ” or  ” I’m proud of you. ” A little, secret smile between Father and child.  A twinkling star, that to me, would be a God wink.

And the pennies, they too, whether dropped by angels or not, are good reminders that God cares for the little things. Sparrows, for instance. So what else would God like for us to remember. I wrote a poem about what angels do. So if they dropped you a penny today, what would it be?

A kind word? A special memory? The sweetness of song? The joy that comes from Jesus? Is it the blue sky after a storm, did angels breathe away the clouds? Is it a breeze? A dance? Or laughter? Angels do behold our father’s face and would know just how to cheer us up.

Is it a loving e-mail? Or something shared with a friend? Was it a kiss? Was it something totally unexpected, one of favorite word is serendipity, which means just that? Was it a bird singing or flowers blooming?

A bee? A butterfly? A hummingbird? I used to watch children on bug hunts and their admiration of slow moving snails in the garden. I too, was always amazed that God could make creature so large and also so small.

It might even make you feel slight or insignificant, a lilliputian, but that is not so. God counts stars, grains of sand, He know my hair color and every strand is numbered. He loves every dimple and every tiny wrinkle.

He is enamored with us to the point of giving us His Son, but we have to believe that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6, that is faith, believing what you don’t see yet. Resting in His promises.

So, I have had a double rainbow over my house. I have seen clouds that look like doves, angel, and wings, and I have found lots of pennies. But most of time our pennies from heaven aren’t really pennies at all, just any small reminders of our Heavenly Father’s love.

And if an angel drops a penny or a feather, that’s just even more of a reminder.

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