A Star Is Born

‘Twas the night of our dear Savior’s birth. A star was born to guide the wise men to the manger, I believe that was the very glory of God from heaven, if not a real star reflecting it. It was bolder and brighter and the magi had to know the heavens in order to follow it.

There were astronomers, God created the stars for signs and seasons, a calendar. It was Nimrod who polluted it with astrology and occult practices. The stars are meant  to be enjoyed and studied, they make up constellations and galaxies, and even the signs of the Zodiac had original meaning and one was discovered on a temple floor in Israel.

Take Virgo for instance, God was showing His plan of redemption. Even a serpent runs the length of it. The whole story is there. I once studied an book by Dr. D. James Kennedy, it gives a very detailed account of all the constellations, the Zodiac, and how it was meant to be interpreted.

Many cultures have interpreted their own stories, mythological and otherwise, but the original intent of them will remain the same, it was meant for signs and season and guide wise men. It tells the story of Christ from beginning to end, and beyond because there is no end. Only eternity.

Stars, die and glory departed but He gets the glory when we remain in His love. Stars are always being creation, God’s spoken word flung them into existence , and maybe there was a cosmic big bang as atomic energy exploded into galaxies that are still being formed.

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. Psalm 147:4, and every minute of everyday, a star is born.

Check out the Helix Nebula on my board, shot by the Hubble telescope, the Eye of God.



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