Our Heavenly Father has commanded angels concerning us, Jesus asked us to love us like He did Him, and yes, I know He offer Him up, but we were crucified with them and we have new and eternal life. Jesus gave us salvation and so many benefits of it by His holy sacrifice. he was in effect all the offerings and truly took our place.

That is not to say we won’t have to trust Him, resist the enemy of the soul. To follow Jesus is to walk in His footsteps and He even had to rest and replenish the dunamis power of God, that you hear referred to as the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

He walked in the Spirit without measure, most of us will only have so much authority because we don’t listen and obey exactly like He did. But He is there for us in His grace and mercy, and He lets us rest  and refresh our spiritual gifts. We have to give Him the glory, we could never do anything in our own power.

God sent angels to minister to Jesus and He certainly will charge them over us. The Bible says after the devil left, angels ministered to Him. Of course He was resisting temptation and had fasted forty days and also in the garden, Jesus agonized like we probably never will. What a precious Lord.

If we find ourselves in spiritual battles we can ask God to send His angels, to fight for us and to minister to us. Renenber, the devil wanted Jesus to bow to him, offering Him the world. I have been told that was a lie, he didn’t own it because the earth is God’s and the fullness thereof. But he did have Adam’s authority over it from the fall, Jesus would later take those keys to death, hell and the grave after the crucifixion and return the authority of the believers.

Until He comes we must have communion with Him, literally and by the breaking of bread. Proclaiming His death until He comes and knowing He was the only worthy and acceptable offering and because of Him the Father accepts us and sends His angels.

This is a more recent painting of an angel ministering to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, but is free to use and in the public domain, I made it a screensaver. Rebecca Jones

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