The Sowing Angel

The Sowing Angel, is a painting from 1860 by Armand Cambon. It is perfect to go along with our post about walking with the Father. The Word of God is sown into us and the enemy will get it out if we are not careful, It is hard to sow seeds and birds or in the spirit, demons, come along and eat them up.

God promises us one thing and then another happens, the sower sows the words but we must be good ground and not let him have it, the word is choked by thorns, or is on rocky ground, it can just be blown away.. Jesus even said f Himself, that a seed falls into the ground and dies and brings forth a harvest.

Whether it is seeds that are for crops or beautiful flowers that you can enjoy your walks through. There are things that will hinder that walk and keep them from growing. It is the same in the spiritual realm and we must be aware of our spiritual walk, keep our focus on Christ and not lose the words or promises sown in us. The Sowing Angel is a good reminder to do that.

Sowing angels are real angels, and also those with the message of the good news of the gospel of peace. And we all minister in many ways everyday, whether ministers or just believers. Is there anyone who is just a believer? And we should continue to sow and one day reap a harvest for His glory.

Rebecca Jones




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