Should Angels Weep

Should angels weep,

One asked the Father,

A lesser one, scolder her,

” Don’t be a bother. ”

But the loving Lord, held her.

He wiped away a tear.

And explained salvation to her,

Why she should not cry.

Jesus was their only hope,

And He would go and die.

The archangel wanted her,

To go on her way,

But when the Father spoke,

The angels listened,

To every word He had to say.

He told them not to cry,

Jesus tears were in His hands,

They were to hearken to His words,

Follow His commands.

Though some were fallen,

Most had stayed.

For they knew the loving Father,

They listened and obeyed.

Angels should not weep,

They guard our tearful sleep,

Winging swiftly to us,

As we prayed.

Knowing we knew Jesus,

Tear bottle in hand,

They caught each drop,

Obedient to His command.

And there was a chose angel,

This little one who dared to ask,

She was given, a most divinely inspired task.

She was chosen to capture every tear of Christ,

The human Son of God, the blessed Lord.

Nail pierced hands, and flesh that was sliced.

” How could a sensitive little angel do this? ”

The archangel was heard to say,

Not doubting though, the Father.

He bowed his head and backed away.

God was patient as her spoke to her,

She knew Jesus, she didn’t want Him to go.

Much less to die.

She looked at the Father,

A tear glistening in her eye.

She was listening, He kissed her,

Then the Father began to cry.

All the angels were amazed.

The folded their wings and praised.

Worthy is the Lamb,

Our Father is sending the Son,

The great I AM.

In a moment of time they saw a child.

Her mother began to pray, then weep instead.

Her husband was seeking Jesus, in the crowd.

Hushed tears grew loud, her daughter was dead.

Servants ran to tell him,,

But to Jesus who had already healed a woman,

It was no bother, but love instead,

He raised her from the dead.

For He had seen the tears of His Father.

That is why angels do not weep.

The Father had already cried,

The plan of salvation kept,

In the tears a Trinity that wept.

So angels tears were forever dried.

Just as our will be someday soon,

Because our Lord was crucified.

The little angel did as she was asked.

Catching every tear in her golden flask.

She asked when no other angel would bother,

And now she is forever seated close to the Father.

Angels do not need to weep,

For we shed enough tears,

And our bottles they keep.

Rebecca Jones

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