Glorious Angels

Though these angels can be confused with other religions, we are claiming them to go with the post about the father’s forgiveness, Jesus told a parable about the son who left home and squandered his inheritance. It portrays His Father’s love.

These two could very well be the angels over the prodigal and the brother. Whether a  child is off in a sinful life or doing well like the brother, they both can use the help of a guardian angel. While God the Father charges angels over His children, we can do the same.

It is important to pray Psalm 91, 103, and over fears and sleep. For angels to protect and deliver them and help bring them into good friendships and opportunities for salvation. God hears and gives them every opportunity.

He welcomes them home, He is patient but will not always strive with mankind. Our culture today is one that is steadily declining. God is pouring out His healing rain and His grace in the last days, but it is not wise to abuse it and keep on sinning.

While the prodigal came home broke and hungry wanting to be a slave, which the father never let him say, He desires sons and daughters who love HIm, just for  who He is and because He loved them first. And it really took love to give up Jesus for us.

Please pray for your prodigals, but trust the Lord with them if there is nothing you can do. He sees hearts and knows so much more how to reach souls. He will give them every chance. And He would want you to have peace.

Also, if you have a child who is well behaved and sometimes takes a backseat to the one requiring all the disciple, pay some extra attention to him or her, even older ones or grown ups. They are kind of like the brother in the parable.


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