Sunday Bonus An Angel Wing

Here is an angel wing,

To make your hearts sing.

Your day a little brighter,

And even your load a little lighter.

A wing and prayer,

Suddenly, she’s on your shoulder.

The guardian angel assigned to you, a child.

Still with you, now older.

And hopefully, wiser still.

Knowing God loves you and always will.

She is present, heaven sent,

Charged by God , as she went.

Carrying a message or just some strength,

Winging in earthy descent.

She can appear in a moment, or at length.

And be gone just the same,

You don’t have to see her,

Or even know her name.

But quick as a wink, she made you think,

God loves me, Jesus sets me free.

And she is back from where she came.

There she goes, the angel wing,

She made your heart sing.

Now your day is a little brighter,

Your load a little lighter.

And just maybe, your laundry is a little whiter.

Rebecca Jones


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