A Father’s Angel


This is a rendering of St. Joseph, who was not Jesus biological father but nevertheless filled the role as mary’s husband. Joseph is being given instructions by an angel, possibly Gabriel. Of course, we know he was told it was a;right to take Mary as his wife.

And later on we know he was given a dream and told to take Jesus and Mary away in the night to Egypt to wait until Herod dies as he had ordered all male children two and under killed hoping to destroy the Messiah.

Joseph and Mary had both seen angels and it was likely a recurring thing to be visited or see them in a dream, in order to protect the baby Jesus. Even them the angels would have accompanied the Holy Spirit of Promise, who we know will rest on us as well.

God gave them grace and strength, and boldness when need be, in order for them to raise His only begotten Son. Snd to keep Him safe, even preserving His life, Jesus was out and about doing His Father’s business, and angels were very much aware of the plan of redemption and looked closely at Jesus’ life but when He could have called ten thousand, He chose to die instead, to save souls and give us access to His Father.

This is The Dream of St. Joseph by Raphael Anton Mengs, painted in 1774.

Rebecca Jones




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